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Faribault Web is pleased to announce the launch of Amy Morgan‘s new website Minnesota Massage Therapy. www.massagetherapymn.com. Amy’s new dynamic content management system is a state of the art CMS developed on the WordPress platform.

We originally designed Amy’s first website www.massagery.com about a year ago. She reported great results with the website in attracting new business for Amy’s Massage Therapy services. But, Amy wanted more features, a shopping cart for her gift certificates, the ability to update her website, add fresh content and a newsletter/blog system to better communicate with her visitors.

WordPress Content Management System – CMS

WordPress proved to be a perfect solution to develop her new site. As the world’s largest open source blogging system, it offers all the new features needed to take her business to a new level. A shopping cart and newsletter software was added via WordPress’ plugin system.

A WordPress CMS also proved to be the right answer for her to easily update her website from home or anywhere she may travel. This content management system allows her to make changes to her website or even add new pages — all by herself, with an easy to use control panel.

What’s In A Domain Name?

After looking at a year’s worth of traffic statistics from Google Analytics, it was decided to change the domain name of her website. Massagery, though it contains the keyword massage, is not a well known English language term. Massage Therapy MN.com was chosen because it contains common search terms for what she does and where her business is located. She had received a lot of keyword searches on the term “massage therapy” and “Minnesota massage therapy”, so that made an easy decision for selecting this as a domain name. The traffic Amy has built up on her old site is being redirected to her new website via 301 redirects, visitors to www.massagery.com are automatically forwarded to her new website.

All of her web pages have been search engine optimized for keywords, including page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords. She rewrote her content to include different sets of keywords on each page along with an internal link structure that targets these keywords.

We wish Amy’s Massage Therapy the best of luck with their website and look forward to its rise in the search engines delivering new visitors seeking her massage therapy services.

If you are looking for a massage therapist in the Faribault, Owatonna and Northfield area, be sure to give Amy a call, her massage work is amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of regular visits with Amy and vouch for her expertise and professionalism.

Does Your Website Need More Traffic?

I’ve noticed that the majority of local business websites lack any real search engine optimization. At Faribault Web, we not only create nice looking professional websites, but focus on delivering a total package that includes search engine optimization that draws visitors to your website like a magnet. SEO is more than a buzzword to us, it’s the very foundation we utilize to build our websites.

Give us a call to discuss how you can capture a piece of the online market that is seeking that which you provide.  (507) 413-2676

This article was written by George Rhodes of Faribault Web, a Minnesota web design company – www.faribaultweb.com – 11/20/2008.

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  1. George on November 30, 2008 at 9:08 am

    A quick follow up on Amy’s Massage Therapy MN search engine results.
    Targeted keywords:

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    The above results were acheived in less than ten days from site activation.