Faux Websites – The Graphic Art of Deception

All Websites are Not Created Equal

Have you ever wondered why 95% of all web traffic goes to 5% of the websites? Every week I am asked questions like, “Why do I not get any visitors to my website?” or “I did a search on Google but my website isn’t listed there”, or “I get a few visitors but no results. orders, feedback, etc..”

It Looks Like a Website

I was shopping the other day with my girlfriend at the local grocery store. In the bakery section there was this beautiful cake on display that caught our eyes. After a moment or two, I asked her what she saw, she replied  ” A gorgeous cake!” I then asked, but is it a real cake? She then replied, “No, it’s a fake cake, it’s only for show, you can’t eat it.”

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I said to her, “That cake reminds me of the majority of websites on the web. They look like websites, but search engines can’t eat them, they get no action, there is no ‘cake’ “. They are nicely decorated with all the whistles and bells but when you strip off the graphics, there is nothing there that feeds the search engines.

A graphic designer can create a nice looking website, however that is not enough for success. The structure that they decorate is often full of errors or stale code from the 1990’s that hinders search engines from finding the website and if they do find it, the code is so mangled that the search engine does not know how to index it.

Websites like these simply get buried amongst several billion other websites just like it, rarely to be found.

How To Get A Website That Works

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This article was written by George Rhodes of Faribault Web, a Minnesota web design company – www.faribaultweb.com – 11/15/2008