Faribault Assisted Living Website Design

Heritage House Elder Care - Faribault Assisted Living

Heritage House Elder Care needed a custom website to showcase and market their Faribault Assisted Living home. Using the Internet they were able to fill a couple of  rooms within a few weeks of the website launch.

Heritage House is is aply named. This Faribault Senior Care Living facility is rich in not only it’s beautiful homey decor but in the quality of care given to it’s residents. The Heritage House Elder Care photo tour shows off the real character of this senior facility.

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For the purposes of geo-targeting, FaribaultAssistedLiving.com was a wise choice as it is  keyword rich. It describes where they are and what they do. The website has been tuned to take advantage of search terms used to find care for the elderly.  Faribault Assisted Living quickly took over the #1 position for the term Faribault assisted living and Faribault elder care.

We are pleased with the results Del and Julie Spronk are getting with their website and they are delighted to once again have a full house.